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St. Valentine's Day. Love confessions, greetings and fireworks are up in the sky all over the planet Earth's augmented reality.

Birthday greetings to the Japanese jewelry master Kunio Nakajima! His unique masterpieces and warm words of greetings appeared in the sky above Tokyo (Shinjuku district) and Matsukawa (Shimoina division, Nagano), Japan, where the master works.

Spheroid Universe AR app allows to observe the interim competition results at the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in PyeongChang right in the sky.

In honor of the opening of the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in PyeongChang, 3D hearts with the flags of participating countries were exhibited in the sky all over the world.

Digital sky of Victory. On February 1, 2018, documentary military footage came to life in the sky above the Victory Museum (Moscow, Poklonnaya Gora). The all-Russian flash mob organized by the Victory Museum on February 2, 2018 lighted up the skies all over Russia in honor of the 75-year anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad. On February 1, 2018, journalists had a chance to take quality photos and videos from the rooftop of the main building of the Victory Museum. Everyone could see the festive installation in their city and take a photo of fireworks and documentary footage in the sky. Unique photo content exhibited in the sky via the augmented reality technology were displayed on social media.


The Spheroid Universe AR app for Android was officially released


The Spheroid Universe AR app has been officially released.
In order to install the app, iOS 11.0 is required (iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular, 9.7-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (5th generation), 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellular (2nd generation), and 10.5-inch iPad Pro Wi‑Fi + Cellular). Now everyone interested can plunge into the Spheroid Universe world – admire the surrounding virtual objects, place one of them right next to you, record what you see on video, make amazing photos and much more.
We're inviting everyone to take a look at this fascinating new world!
The Android version of the app will be released shortly.

Testing the Spheroid Universe app. The official release with iOS 11 device support is coming in the near future.
A flower monster
A whale

On December 6, 2017, the "Cryptocurrency and other blockchain technology products as intellectual property" conference will take place in Moscow.
The following panels are scheduled under the conference's auspices: "FinTech: blockchain utilization in state government and business", "LegalTech and legal professionals' work optimization prospects", "IPTech: legal protection methods for blockchain technology products", as well as the plenary session "Intellectual property in the digital age."
Igor Shuvalov, Anatoly Aksakov, Boris Titov, Mikhail Oseevsky, Evgeniy Zyablov, the strategist and one of the founders of the Spheroid Universe AR platform, are among the speakers.
Will blockchain become the know-how capable of altering whole segments of economy and an efficient instrument of shaping the digital environment?
May blockchain-based products be considered intellectual property? These and other issues will be discussed at the conference, which is organized by the Russian Federal Agency for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) and the "Tarlo and partners" law firm.
Venue: "Blockchain Commune", 9 2nd Donskoi Proezd, bldg.3, Moscow.

Starting on December 1, 2017, the first phase of Space purchase price corrections began all over the Spheroid Universe augmented reality map, with Spaces' location and monetization potential factored in.
During the beginning phase Space prices range from $1 to $10 depending on the country, up to $20 in the cities, up to $40 in specific city districts, and up to $80 in the most popular spots.
For example, the minimal price of one 50mx50m Space in Great Britain, Singapore, the USA and Japan is currently equal to $10, in Australia, Germany, Canada, UAE, South Korea - $7.5, in Armenia, Spain, Italy, China, Russia, Chile - $5, in Brazil, Egypt, Vietnam - $2.5, going as low as $1 in African countries.
Country-specific Space price averages will be valid in the majority of cities and world capitals. With each day, countries and cities will be zoned in a more detailed fashion. For example, starting on December 2, 2017 the price of 1 Space in Netherlands, including central Amsterdam, will be equal to $7.5, but in the very near future the price of 1 Space in Amsterdam will go up to $15, and in central Amsterdam – up to $30.
In the future, we plan to implement a smart price adjustment system, which will modify prices depending on the transactions with nearby spaces, leading to a uniform increase in price as they approach the areas of greater local demand. Such areas may coincide with significant cultural event spots, upcoming sporting events, popular tourist destinations, business districts and business and shopping centers under construction.
The launch of the secondary Space marketplace will allow users to manage their own Spaces and determine the sale/purchase price. The secondary Space marketplace mechanics are currently being developed, and will become available to users in approximately 1-2 months.
BetConstruct strengthens its partnership with Spheroid Universe

Award-winning technology provider BetConstruct and Spheroid Universe, an AR and digital property provider, entered into partnership.
The companies have teamed up to develop a solution that will allow owners of digital spaces on the Spheroid Universe platform to set up AR gaming machines within their spaces. There will also be available personal portals to access VR casinos that will use blockchain. Using the blockchain technology, the company assures transparent, secure and fair game play. For enhancing the gaming experience with BetConstruct VR products, the users of the platform will be provided with the Spheroid Universe tokens. The tokens will be used to purchase and sell digital properties, as well as make payments for the services available on the platform.
Spheroid Universe has created a platform that generates geo-localized digital assets - spaces - real estate for developing AR/VR world and applications. Once the user purchases a space, they can resell it or, alternatively, buy and place various AR items, change their property the way they wish and start interacting in the surrounding AR/VR world. On the same platform BetConstruct's VR Casino will allow players to make bets on live sports events, spin reels and play other VR games.
The 'Buy a space for $5, give two to your friends as gifts'" promotion is coming to an end. On December 1, 2017 Spheroid Universe space prices will increase due to peculiarities and projected monetization in various territories.
Space prices throughout the world will range from $1 to 80 per 50x50m space. The price increase will affect popular tourist destinations, specific city areas, major shopping center and cultural heritage sites.
De facto demand for spaces in various cities (New York, Moscow, London, Warsaw, etc) will also be taken into account. As the interest in the project grows, there will be fewer available spots, which are not yet privately owned, on the Spheroid Universe map. Follow the news on our website for more detailed price information.
Within the next few days the Spheroid Universe augmented reality app will be launched in AppStore, where the users will have an chance to fill their own and public territories with game and advertising-related 3D objects. The app launch is expected to significantly impact the price and demand for spaces.
A grandiose dance show with augmented reality elements will take place at the GOLKONDA historical fort. Historical and mythological characters of Ancient India will come to life owing to the collective efforts of dance troupes, stage artists and AR/VR experts, immersing the audience in an ocean of light, sound, plastic arts and virtual reality projections. Virtual India Association (VIA) and Spheroid Universe augmented reality platform are partners of the "GOLKONDA ALIVE" project, for more details please see
Virtual and augmented reality technologies (AR/VR) are used to develop and preserve India's historical, cultural and spiritual heritage.
BetConstruct and Spheroid Universe are teaming up to bring augmented reality closer to users worldwide. Though this partnership, BetConstruct's VR Casino and social games will become available on the Spheroid Universe platform.
BetConstruct is an award-winning developer and provider of online and land-based gaming solutions with development, sales and service centres in 14 countries.


A blog, structured by topic, was launched on for discussing all the key issues of the Spheroid Universe platform operation and the Spheroid State decentralized community. Here you may find out any and all details, obtain useful information and instructions, figure out how to purchase a Space and troubleshoot if something goes wrong, ask any question and interact with other Space owners.


Implemented the procedure for Space gifts acquired during the promotion. You may give 1 Space to two of your friends for each Space you purchase between September 29 and November 30, 2017. In order to use this option, you need to sign in to your User profile. You need to know your friend's e-mail, and he/she will be able to select a Space.


Buying Spaces for Bitcoins became possible on the Spheroid State website as a global promo campaign - $5 per 1 Space + 1 Space to two friends as a gift (the right to the gift arises when a purchase is made, but the procedure will be implemented a bit later) + Spheroid State tokens on special terms. The conditions are valid until the end of the promotion on November 30, 2017


Space owners receive access to User profiles, where they can see (или visualize, если на карте) the list of purchased and reserved spaces. In the months to come the functionality of the user profile will continually expand


The Space sale campaign was launched in the online store of the Spheroid Universe official distributor. The campaign will last until November 30, 2017. During this period, any available Space in any part of the world may be purchased for $5 (50% of the price starting on December 1, 2017) + tons of bonuses – an opportunity to present two of your friends with 1 Space each, as well as Spheroid State token bonuses on special terms. Website address:


From this day on all Space sale transactions are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain ledger, smart contract


The first online store of the Spheroid Universe platform's official distributor began functioning


Development of the smart-contract for recording Space-related transactions on the Ethereum blockchain platform completed.


December 1, 2017 determined as the launch date of the Spheroid Universe basic AR app for Apple Store and Google Play. From that point on Space owners may download the app and publish virtual entertaining content from the continually updated app library in their Spaces. They will also be able to conduct photo and video shoots, publish their photos, greetings, texts, etc. App users will be able to see the map with designations of published AR objects and, after zooming in, take photos of them or record video.
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