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Functions of Spheroid state and Public contract

The main functions of Spheroid state are:
· To ensure compliance with the rules established by Spheroid's social contract
· To provide infrastructure services.
A state with no instruments of coercion.

The free members of the Spheroid society create and consume public goods – of course by only those who wish, as they wish and as long as they wish.
Any member of the spheroid society may leave the Spheroid State unhindered, retaining all of his/her assets.
Spheroid does not restrict any activity beyond its limits.
Public contract

All relations in Spheroid – economic and social – will be built on the basis of an informal social contract.
The virtual world of Spheroid is represented in jurisdictions in the real world by Spheroid organizations: non-profit foundations that have tangible and intangible assets needed to support statutory activities.
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