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Spheroid as a game , as a place of work and business, as a platform for effective learning

Spheroid as a game

The space of Spheroid will exist on the screen of any device as an independent interface that would allow to act in both the worlds of Spheroid and Augmented reality as an overlay to the real world, interacting with various worlds of Spheroid that are being created and populated by its residents.
This will give a start to numerous fantasy scenarios of using augmented reality and to a mutual enrichment of both virtual and real worlds. Those who are into online games – strategies, quests, browsers and others – will be able to see Spheroid as a game with unlimited number of participants.
Participants in the game interact with each other in various situations. They interact with the surrounding natural and social environment, enter into virtual and real relationships, provide services to each other, create, acquire and sell goods.

Spheroid as a place of work and business

If you decide to become a Spheroid State citizen, you will fill out a questionnaire indicating your areas of expertise, interests, professional achievements, which would allow for other participants to find you and order your services, invite you to join their projects and other engaging activities that may be appealing to you.
With a simple click of a button one can create jobs and list fees payable for them. Those who qualify may find these jobs and start executing them for you.

Spheroid as a platform for effective learning
One of the key directions of Spheroid's development is the creation of an efficient educational system and convenient database for working on projects. At the core of the system is the idea from the RPG computer games, in which every character has a "progress bar" of acquiring certain skills and knowledge.
Progress bars scale systems would be produced by schools and businesses inside Spheroid. The citizens of Spheroid who are willing to participate in training or finding a job in certain areas, would fill out questionnaires, take tests and receive confirmation of their level of knowledge in one or the other field.
Universities, private course and schools would offer to raise levels of various skills by educating through a game playing approach thus making the process of advancing knowledge simple, clear and measurable. The effect of advancing the knowledge would measure itself.
Spheroid would subsidize education for citizens of the developing nations of the real world who cannot afford to pay for tuition.
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