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Plan of Spheroid State platform AR app launch for 4Q 2017 – 1Q 2018
Basic app, launch of public layers, opportunities for Space owners to publish content on their own
- Launch of a basic AR app for Apple Store and Google Play (December 2017). After downloading the app, the owners will be able to publish content from the continuously updated app library in their spaces. They will also be able to record photo and video, publish their photographs, greetings, texts, etc. App users will be able to see the map with an indication of AR object placement, and, upon approaching them, observe them and record them on audio and video
- Augmenting the AR app with public layers – art, culture and education, games and entertainment, tourist guides, commercial advertising and information. Launching the first public projects in this sphere (January 2018)
- An opportunity for the space owner to publish AR/VR content created by the owner or purchased by the owner, through an administrator (February 2018), an opportunity to publish own content independently (March 2018)
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