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Spheroid State token emission
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On September 29, 2017 dealers authorized by the Spheroid Universe platform launched the sale of "spaces" (Spheroid Universe digital assets) for traditional money.
Simultaneously, the project's authors and partners have joined forces in a decentralized organization called the Spheroid State, and launched an ICO.
In order to create a decentralized Spheroid State economy, the emerging community has resolved to emit its own cryptocurrency – tokens.
Tokens are designed for purchasing spaces, developing the Spheroid State infrastructure and paying for services among the Community members.
Tokens are backed by Spheroid spaces. One group of spaces (25%) is reserved for emission purposes. This group will be exchanged for tokens per token owners' request. The rate of exchange is fixed at 10 tokens per space.
Token emission size is limited, with no more than 250M to be issued. The emission volume was calculated on the basis of the estimated number of cities with high future revenue prospects in advertising and commercial spheres within the reserved group of spaces.
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