Space monetization
Secondary marketplace, advertising and business.
Information and discussions

An interface system to facilitate interactions and communications among space owners and other project participants
User profile – an entrance point to the Spheroid Universe service area, where Space owners gain access to the Spheroid Universe services created by the Spheroid Universe team as well as by third-party developers.
Basic service and infrastructural functions (property management, search and communication system, API development) are developed by the Spheroid Universe developers team.
Third-party developers may develop and monetize their Spheroid Universe-related software products by creating services for Space owners through an open API, implementing their ideas on which services may be useful and interesting to the project's audience.
User profile services currently allow to see the purchased and reserved spaces, find them on the map, invite other users to join the project, and provide them with a right to select a free Space as a gift.
In December 2017 users will gain access to the Spheroid Marketplace through their user profiles. The Marketplace is a secondary Space market, where spaces may be bought, sold or leased to other market participants.

Upcoming plans for the expansion of services available through user profiles (Q4 2017 – Q2 2018):

Implementing functions that allow to manage user profile date, and provide a chance to search for and browse the profiles of other Spheroid Universe participants – both their personal data (name, professional skills, status within Spheroid Universe and other communities), and data related to the space they manage (size and location of their possessions, specialization, type of content and services available within the managed spaces, etc.).
Implementing a communication system for space owners.
Launching an opportunity to manage one's content: a chance to combine territories with other owners for joint management and monetization.
Launch of the Spheroid Future Services: a space where Space owners will be able to:
- describe the demands, ideas and directions of the development of Spheroid services
- vote on them.
and the developers will have a chance to:
- present ideas
- fulfill the Space owners' needs, launching new products that enrich the Spheroid Universe ecosystem.
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