Buying and selling digital real estate lots on Earth surface. Property, actions, strategies, explanations. Information and discussions.
Selling Spaces for national currency
Spheroid Crowdsale: Special terms of sale between September 29, 2017 and November 30, 2017
You can select and purchase group F Spheroid spaces with traditional (fiat) money.
The price of 1 space equals $5. That constitutes 50% of the price of a Space starting on December 1, 2017.
Spaces may be purchased by individuals and organizations.
Anyone regardless of their citizenship and place of residence may purchase a Space anywhere on the planet Earth.
Each space buyer is entitled to give 1 space to two of his/her friends as a gift. The gift option is valid until December 1, 2017, and if the gift recipient does not select a space and register his or her acquisition before that date, their right to the gift is annulled.
Spaces can be purchased exclusively from authorized Spheroid Universe distributors (
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