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Groups of Spaces and their size

All of the digitized Earth surface is divided checker-wise into 4 fully equivalent groups of unique spaces, 25% in each group.
Each group contains numerous blocks of four spaces in each. The area of one block is approximately equal to 100m x 100m, one space is equal to 50m x 50m. Each group's block borders blocks of the three remaining groups.
Due to the random "checker-wise" division into groups, each group owns an equal number of spaces in all Earth regions, including city centers, which possess the greatest appeal revenue-wise.
The decision to divide the spaces in this manner is a practical application of the fairness concept, an algorithm that allows to avoid the emergence of local monopolies and domination at initial offer and to preserve the project's accessibility to people of all means, as well as to social and state institutions.
All four groups form an integrated Spheroid Universe AR/VR space, where independent or joint space owners may implement their creative, social or commercial plans at their own discretion.
Spaces from each of the four groups are promoted, distributed and sold in different ways, which collectively hinder the emergence of unfair domination, but will not deter major social and commercial initiatives.
For details please see the article Groups of Spaces – lots on the digitized Earth surface. Fiat and crypto. Group-based Spheroid Universe Space sales
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