Buying and selling digital real estate lots on Earth surface. Property, actions, strategies, explanations. Information and discussions.
Creation of a convenient infrastructure and services for Space owners.
Plans for Spheroid Universe platform development for 4Q 2017 – 1 Q 2018
1. Infrastructure and service priorities for Space-related operations:
- Online space sales for traditional money (completed)
- Registering space sales on Ethereum blockchain (completed on September 29, 2017)
- User profile, which allows the owner to visualize all of his/her spaces (completed on October 10, 2017)
- A marketplace for owners to buy and sell spaces (December 2017)
- A function that will allow to address owners of spaces of interest directly via the map with offers of selling, leasing or collaborative projects (January 2018)
- An opportunity to present other people with spaces as gifts:
1) gift of a pre-paid right to select a space (completed on October 20);
2) gift of a specific space (November 2017)
- Splitting up and combining spaces per owner's wish (March 2018)

2. Plan to launch the Spheroid Universe platform AR app in 4Q 2017 – 1Q 2018. Basic app, creating public layers, opportunities for Space owners to publish content independently
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