Buying and selling digital real estate lots on Earth surface. Property, actions, strategies, explanations. Information and discussions.
General information regarding Spaces – lots on the digitized Earth surface
"Physically" the Spheroid Universe assets are digitized lots on the surface of planet Earth ("spaces" - geo-localized digital assets that correspond to exact GPS coordinates), which serve to publish AR/VR content, comprising the "Spheroid Universe of virtual and augmented reality."
The area of 1 Space on Earth surface is approximately 50x50m.
Monetization: revenue from future placement of advertising and paid services in the AR/VR Spheroid Universe.
Individuals and companies may acquire Spheroid Universe digital assets, and then resell them for cryptocurrency or fiat money. Transactions are registered in blockchain.
On September 29, 2017 official distributors authorized by the Spheroid Universe platform launched the sale of "spaces" (Spheroid Universe digital assets) for traditional money.
Spheroid AR the basic app for which will be launched by November 30, 2017 will contain various layers, both publicly accessible, which cover the entire Spheroid surface (restored architectural landmarks, educational, entertaining, commercial, etc.), and private, where the owners determine the content structure and access rights.
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