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Decentralized Spheroid State
From dream to reality
The idea of creating virtual societies, nations, countries and states has long been widely discussed in the world. People want to unite online and offline to create new and more convenient forms of socioeconomic life.
Blockchain appeared in 2008-2014, which served as a basis for transition from idea to practical implementation of virtual states. Blockchain, IT-technologies, spatial infinity of virtual reality allow not to clone the already familiar models, but to create entirely new social systems.
Creation of a world from scratch carries a huge potential of using the experience, knowledge and imagination accumulated by human civilization and individuals to build a new, better, more successful and fair world.
SPHEROID UNIVERSE. That's the name we gave to a new type of a world with augmented reality, whose purpose is to allow a wide variety of different models of social order to manifest.
Imagine a world in which you create your rules and laws.
Imagine a world that realizes your ideals of a just society.
Imagine a world where you are either president or a king...
Perhaps, your country is a corporation and you receive a constant stream of income. Would you like to try it out?
It is simple to do. You press a button and create your own country. You choose your own laws and establish your own regulations that your country would follow.

The world of the Spheroid consists of a limited number of three-dimensional areas with definite geographic coordinates on the Earth's surface.
All areas are private or public property.
The owner of a Space will manage the ways in which his or her lot is filled. Managing one's own Space content and interacting with content published by other project participants will be implemented through a mobile augmented reality app Spheroid Universe.
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