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Spheroid Universe platform and virtual State of Spheroid
What is it? On the concept and development model
Spheroid Universe is a software platform of the Earth surface's augmented reality, all of which is divided into spaces. The platform supplies unvaried coordinates, a space property register and basic service functions for space utilization. Space owners may act independently, or may unite into various communities for cooperative activities of their choice. Spheroid State is the first voluntary community within the Spheroid Universe platform. A simple analogy would be our planet as the Spheroid Universe and the Spheroid State as a large state on its surface.
Actually, the idea of the Spheroid State was the first to emerge, and the Spheroid Universe is the structural and legal solution that allows to protect space owners' rights in all traditional jurisdictions, while the national or international legal framework for regulating blockchain and cryptocurrencies has not taken shape yet. Thus, from the point of view of traditional law a space is an unlimited-term license to a geo-localized software product, which is the property of a specific party. And from the point of view of space owners, whose aim is to create a Spheroid State, it is the foundation for the economy and functioning of their decentralized state.
This model creates a balance between voluntariness and libertarian-style fairness on one hand (if the whole Spheroid surface were a part of the Spheroid State, where would an owner retreat with his or her accumulated property, when he/she is dissatisfied with the rulings of the state, even a decentralized one?), and, on the other hand, rather traditional protection of property and project economy, since the project functions entirely within the sphere of tangible money and relationships, and should a restraining scenario of crypto-world regulation be adopted, it may abandon cryptocurrencies altogether.
Spheroid Universe as a whole, and Spheroid State in particular, is an emergent integrated ecosystem, which, as ecosystems routinely do, is developing in an evolutionary manner, rather than being fabricated in a finalized state. The development vectors for its infrastructure, systems and users' ways of communication will be determined by the users' inquiries, initiatives, creative and economic interests, as well as by the limits of resource and technological capabilities to fulfill their wishes.
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